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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

This blog has been move to:

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 9:00 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2006 9:08 PM EDT
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Monday, March 27, 2006
So I am back at Tripod
Now Playing: MY OTHER BLOG JUST CRASH..................

So here I am back at Tripod cauze my other blog just crash.........Oh poor little thing that I am (lol) What can I do, nothing cauze I am not strong enough to fix everything there.

So there I am and I am happy to be back home.

Nico's Bikini Challenge

And Abs,

Yes Madam, Abs for me. I know this is not my favorite parts but I think that today Francois was motivating my self because I have been doing my abs with him. Good Girl, I am getting back to the game and I am very that I finally decided to kick my self at the gym instead of training at home which is finally BORING. I know that I did invest in my own little gym, but nothing replace the real gym.

I was 100% there and I did stick with some of my favorite combo, protein/fat/veggies and protein/veggies/fruits. Complex carbs are complety OUT for me. So if I have to cheat during the week, I will be cheating with some complex carbs as oatmeal and maybe WW bread. Yes WW bread, cause I do like having a WW toast and putting a can of salmon on it with mustard and a lot of pepper. For now I am still keeping my cottage cheese and some yogurt. How long will I kept them, I don’t know, I guess until I decided that I need to progress even more or when I’ll be hitting a plateau.

M1: 4 whites, 1 whole egg, 100gr raspberries
M2: cottage cheese + 1 tsp NPB
M3: Salmon, spinach, garlic + almond
M4: Cottage Cheese mix with 100gr raspberries
M5: Whey shake with a banana in water
M6: Chicken breast, green beans, broccoli, red pepper

NOTE: I haven’t count any calories or macro and I know that I need to get back into it, but for a first day getting back in the groove, let say that I am happy about my self and I won’t kill my self now with this part.


Today, I am pretty proud about my self cause I just went into my own little gym and just after my first back exercises, I was ON THE SUDDEN…………No more motivated at all, so I told my self, Come one sweaty, times to kick your self at the real gym and get back into the mental games


For a shock, it was a shock, I just came out face to face with Francois at the gym (my last trainer and yes I do intend to hired him once again and stick with him even tough by the past I have been deceive from some little part of his nutritional thinking. Big distortion mind for me at the time cause I have been so much studying the nutritional aspect that there was some approach from him that was just not fitting my mental thinking and all the things that I have read by the past regarding some macro timing ratio that I still do think that are very important especially for US WOMEN who are not on Steroid. Building muscles when we are 100% natural, in my books macro timing at certain periods of times are crucial. Anyhow…….. I guess that everybody is having their own way of thinking and it is only by experiencing the nutritional aspect with our self that we can find out if the hat can fit us or not. But regarding the way of training, I do still believe that Francois can teach me a lot. SO OH BOY, I was truly amazed by him and how he did shrink and shrink and I just start telling him Oh wow, Francois you are so awesome while touching his body (lol). Man, can I say that he is now at 8% body fat. Can I say that he is into SERIOUS COMPETITION PREPARATION. His competition will be on April 26th for Mr. Montreal and on May 6th, if I am not making any mistake on the date, he will be on FAME CANADA competition.


So I told him: protein-veggies-fat and he told me no, protein-veggies and fruits. No Fat I told him? No, no fat at all he told me. So it seems that his nutritional plan that he gives me at the time is still reflecting his way of thinking. I am just wondering from where he is having his good energy because all complex carbs are out from his match plan as he told me and he just stick on protein-veggies and fruits. Last year when I lean out to 119 pounds, I was doing the same, protein, veggies, fruits BUT FAT was still on my plan match and I was only keeping 1 meal with some oatmeal, that’s all, this is it, complex carbs were out of my book and I do intend keeping the same approach with my Summer’s Bikini Challenge. Anyhow, I will see on the road how I will react and will make some little adjustment.

A lot of Cardio, I ask him? No, he told me, no cardio, it is too much catabolic and only my diet will do the trick he said but he told me that 2 weeks out from Fame Canada, if he hasn’t reach 6% body fat, he will enter into the cardio zone for this short periods of time. Once again, regarding the cardio things, I do agree with him and experience with my self that everything is in the nutrition part and the cardio must be my last search if I am not targeting what I am looking for. But of course, Cardio is important for our most important and biggest muscle, our heart.

Arrow Head

Ookie Dookie, now go sleep.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 10:47 PM EST
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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 8:05 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, November 8, 2005 12:23 AM EST
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Back from the clinic and it was hell for getting to the clinic. I just grab an umbrella for being able to support my self, drives in at 8:15 and wait outside until it open at 9:00am. People are great, I think I have been getting help from 4 to 5 people from the clinic and from the pharmacy. I did fall down while walking up in the pharmacy and I was getting all weat and hot. The final result of the X-Ray shows that I haven't broke any bones which I guess I am happy. Atleast nothing break but the doctor said that sometimes with the x-ray they can not really seel all the little failure.

So I am currently out of working until november 2nd and I did receive some anti-inflamatory piles which is supposed to release the pain and help me. If I'm not okay on november 2nd I will have to go see the doctor one again.

I wish I am going to be okay, but from now the pain is still insane, my toes are hardly moving and there is no way I am able to put my feet on the grounded.

Jim thank you for your recommendation, last night I did put some antiphlogestine cream, well a cream that bring hot temperature on my feet. I guess it was not a good idea and I'm going to put some ice on it.

I can not beleive that before entering into the course, I told my self: I wish that this time I won't hurt my self. I don't understand and I can not point out the bad kick I have done when I did it. If at least I would know when I did it and feel it from doing it, I could at least said it was at this moment. But no, I was happy at the end of the course telling my self, it was so great, it was some great cardio, endurance and everything, I just love it. Yoopie, tomorrow, talking about tonight, I will get into my 2nd courses, but no, I'm just shift in the dark without knowing exactly what did happen and when it did happen.

At least, if I would have feel it, it would have been much more easy to accept and told my self, next time don't do it this way.

So it's time to go found out my knitting spit and begin to knit. Hell, I have no patience for that.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 12:40 PM EDT
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2AM: Currently waking up in my bed and driving crazy about my feet, it might be much more serious that I think.

4AM: Still not able to sleep, I pretty sure I did broke some little bones all over the top of my feet. So I am still not sleeping.

5:30AM: Jean-Marc is now into the shower, he must left the house early. So I try to get up and walk, I just can not walk and grounded my feet on the floor, I'am unable to put any pressure on my feet.

7 AM: Poor little Phil, he is now leaving with Jean-Marc because his Karate Mom is paralysed and just can not walk.

So I am there stupidly waiting the times opening from the clinic which might be 9 o'clock, meaning that I will leave house around 8:30am for being the first patient on the list. So I am stupidly jumping on one feet all over the house like a kangouro. Now I think that this might be a serious injury. I am just wondering if I did really broke some little bone or I do have a real severe twist (sprain). I did not feel any pain while I was in combat and I just can not point out when I hit my self but right after the course, I knew that there was something weird in my left feet. So I am there, stupidly waiting to go see the doctor.

Martial Course, Second times trying to enter into those sport and second times hurting my self. Is this a second signal telling me, this is not for you? Comeone, I am in great shape and I want to pratices this sport because I did always find an interest for martial course but everytimes I am trying to enter into it, I am always hurting my self more than anything.

So I am still there waiting for having the results of this injury.

Okay........I don't want to fight anymore (lol) until I get better because I know that I will come back into it and try it again.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 7:18 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 7:19 AM EDT
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

From another topic that is completly out from the maths numbers venting that I have done, I have been going through my FIRST ART MARTIAL COURSE.

HOW DID I FIND IT: First it was great and I did love it even though after the course I found that this kind OF MIXED MARTIAL COURSE, which include different kinds of Martial Art course in the same course was not as technical that the course I did follow 4 years ago.

The course I am following is a good mix of HEAVY CARDIO, PUSH UP, SIT UP, LYING LEG RAISE HOLD ON, PUSH UP, STRETCH ONE MORE TIME SIT-UP. They are mixing all this for the first part of the course and this first part is really hardcore. So you run, jumping on people who are maintening a push up position and while it makes a good 5 minutes you are maintening this position push up, the coach just told us to execute 15 push-up while people are still running in jumping up for not hitting us. They are not giving us any break.

I have been really surprise about my cardio endurance and more than surprise to see that while they were pushing us crazy with the first part of the course that I was able to maintain the beat while some green belt were not able to maintain it. I did realize that I was strong and I was having a good cardio endurance. Seriously, I did surprise my self with this part.

The other parts of the course the groups are separate, yellow belt together, green one together, orange one together and then the real course of technical movements regarding block attack, kick and everything is teach to each groups. The only things that I found is that, 4 year's ago the kind of Karate I did follow was completly different and the teacher was emphasing much more the technical approach of each movements, which I find with the course I am into right now, technic seems to be missing a bit. But it was my first course and I still have a lot and a lot to learn but I did love it.

The course ended by COMBAT. Oh Wow, I have combat with a black belt, the nice young teacher that was a little hard with a PINK BELT (LOL) and he was putting me into his pocket like a poor little girl. So I never want to fight seriously with a real black belt, geez.... he will knock me down in 2 seconds.

So I am finally happy about making the decision of entering into MARTIAL COURSES. I'll be training 2 times a week with martial course on top of my 3 to 4 times a week weight training.

So let said that I don't need to do any stationary cardio because these Martial course are pretty heavy for keeping your heart beat like a dummy.

Did I make a CERVICAL SPRAIN? No good girls, but a LITTLE BONE from my left feet is........OUTCH...... I gave a bad kick while doing some combat with the teacher and let said that the bone of my feet is hurting me and I think I may have broke a little bone, I am currently having a hard time with the pain I am feeling into my left foot. I just hope I did not break a bone, but it hurts seriously but this is nothing compare to a cervical pinch. It will pass. It should better pass. Gona put some medical treatment on my feet. Crazy me, will I learn a day that I am not 25 year's old anymore and maybe I should BEGIN KNITTING.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 9:54 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 10:07 PM EDT
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I don't know why but I need to let my brain talks again and once again about the numbers. After all this is my blog and if I need to vent thousand times about the maths numbers and what is going through my mind, I will let my self talk.

I can understand Jim who posted me the comments " You are confusing me - Are you kicking out Francois Plan?

Of course there is some confusion in my mind and probably some confusion with Francois Mind regarding our both approach. I know that Francois told me that he doesn't want me to get REALLY BIGGER but just work especially with my WEAK AREAS while at the same time DROPPING SOME FAT and working on MUSCLE SEPARATION and this is his target. Wanting me to be 1 MONTH IN ADVANCE READY BEFORE THE COMPETITION, Meaning that in April I will be ready to be on stage.

So sometimes,I am telling me that his 33/33/33 approach ratio is related to his goal, not getting me bigger but working on muscles separation, working the weak area and being ready one month in advance.

You know even though it could sound strange, Francois is really INTIMIDATING MY SELF, I mean, I don't have the GUTS of CHALLENGING IS KNOWLEDGE. In front of him I am really feeling paralysed and then going to ask him, how come your PWO ratio is not what mostly 95% of the population are preaching, how come this, how come that, how come no SALMON INTO MY DIET PLAN, HOW COME NO ALMONDS INTO MY DIET PLAN, how come and how come.

I'm thinking that he can easely told me: Well baby, if you are here to doubt about what I am doing GO PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. THIS IS MY BIG PROBLEM - I DON'T HAVE THE GUTS OF CHALLENGING THE GUY WITH HIS NUTRITION PLAN and told him, explain me this, why that, why this

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU WERE A PROF.BB and a girlie came to you and start doubting your plan? Won't you said, well you work with me or work by your self. I think that I will react this way. I mean I will explain in big lines the plan but if someone was begin to start to argue and told me you might be false there (exp:PWO) or there and there. HOW WOULD I REACT if I was having 25 year's experience under my belt and bringing man and women in their top condition for being in stage and knowing that I have tone of customers waiting in line for me. WILL I LET MY SELF BUG BY A NEWBIE GIRLIE who is finally doubting ALL WHAT AM DOING?

So I think I will told her to find another PT.

NOW, WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE to FOLLOW IS PLAN? Even though there is some part of his plan that I DO NOT CATCH?

22 months ago I WAS FAT with a BF of 30%, SO what do I have to lose finally NOT FOLLOWING HIS PLAN.

Nothing I guess............

And I guess I am making my OWN THERAPY ONLINE this is okay. I think that I need to ask my self those questions? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?

It it is not working for May 2006 because after all the plan was not okay, see, I am doubting here, but that's okay to let my emotions talk here and why am I so much DOUBTING when I did not even follow his plan since I met him. (I did manage my own nutrition plan since I met him) I have nothing to said about his weight training program.


I did make some big analyse from ALL HIS LIST FOOD and you know that from his list food I won't be allowed to eat:

Cottage cheese was not on the list at first when I told him, why not, So he said not more than 5 table spoon.
Peanut butter (natural of course)

Than after some analyse when I came up to the point that each list food was targetting a -+10 grm of protein, carbs or fat which is a smart way of building a list for any customers, I TOLD MY SELF THAT PROBABLY he did not wrote down the salmon and almond because this was mixing is pick and choose list regarding his nutrients.
Eating salmon, I need to take in consideration the healthy fat that the salmon has and not add his 1 tablespoon of olive oil. So I said that probably this was the reason why salmon was not on his list.

I am a big eater of salmon, trout. His protein choose list is almost ALL CLEAN from any FAT good or NOT and I told my self that he was having no choice of building a kind of list like that and doing it this way he can gives his list food to any kind of people and he'll be able to manage for individual people to pick and choose portion as per their own target of calories need.



AND WHY NOT THE COTTAGE CHEESE, the fat ratio is not that bad for 1 serving.

You know when I start to POINT OUT those last facts, IT IS THERE THAT MY BRAIN BEGIN TO TILT

I know that I can be smart enough to adjust the fat serving if I decided to eat some salmon, I have played so much with the maths numbers since close 2 year's for manipulating my shape that I guess I am smart enough to manage the whole things.

So maybe I should told my self, Nico, the guy wrote a list for being able to work much more easely with HIS customers and STOP BUGGING ON THOSE SALMON, COTTAGE CHEESE, PEANUT BUTER and bla.bla.bla. JUST ADJUST EACH COLUMS. THIS IS IT.


10gr fat coming from salmon or coming from olive oil, what is the big deal after all, he probably built his list with the purposes I am saying. PERIOD - MOVE ONE - TILT BRAIN

So I am thinking of FOLLOWING HIS PLAN, even though yesterday I said THAT I WON't I mean following the 33/33/33 in regard with how he wants me to do it. Ah. you know the more you read and read and read......... I don't have to explain.........

I found on the net that there is going to be a competion in NOVEMBER 2006 IN QUEBEC. So probably I won't have nothing to lose following HIS PLAN and if it don't works, I still have until November 2006 to adjust my self.

But let me tell you, that the more you begin to have knowledge, the more you are falling in love with this Art of bodybuilding, the more it can drives you..................CRAZY

I am probably making a BIG SHIT POT with this cycle bulk and maybe for nothing. Sometimes I told my self, I do have manipulate so much my food, ratio, meals for targetting a lean shape, I have works so many hours for trying to beat my metabolism and make him accept to shed the fat, I have been so much into that strategic games of leaning, THAT PROBABLY MY BRAIN HIS HAVING A HARD TIME ACCEPTING that this next round is supposed to be much more easy. Of course WE HAVE TO EAT AND MAINTAIN calories intake over our TDEE if we want to add something, this I know, I not so much damn dum but................

I think that I need to take a break with my self and follow's the guy plan and what will happen will if it had to happen, if not, It will have been an experience and I guess I will have time to hit the stage on November, if not well, Let's hit it in 2007, when I'll turn 45.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 4:16 PM EDT
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Monday, October 24, 2005


NO OF COURSE, I can not see the forest because the trees are hidden my vision. Does my head have been able to get out of Francois ratio of 33/33/33, does my mind have been able to get out of Francois Ratio. NO OF COURSE once again. I'm like a blinded person.

SO GET BACK TO THE BASIC IF YOU CAN NOT SEE THE FOREST - These are the words of Tom Venuto - A Bulking cycle is so easy to understand, people try to over complicated it because they are blind by the trees of the Forest and they try to complicate it BECAUSE IT IS TOO MUCH EASY AND BASIC.

So I am now stopping my FIGHT of OVER COMPLICATING EVERYTHING and will start THE REAL FIGHT OF:


Tonight I am starting some new course of MARTIAL ARTS, which is mainly COMBAT STREET - SELF DEFENSE AND KUNG FU. I am pretty exciting about starting those course. Last week Phil start his Martial Art course and after his class, I was amaze to see all the people around my age that was getting into the course and I decided that YES - I Will join the club and I wish I won't get A CERVICAL SPRAIN like 4 years ago when I did attempt some Martial Course. My experience at that period of times was not really funny.

So while I can't find any strategic plan for bulking because THERE IS NO STRATEGIC PLAN FINALLY and this process IS NOT LIKE CUTTING....... I'll concentrated my self on the strategic combat street martial arts, concentring my self of not getting another CERVICAL SPRAIN so my damn brain will be busy somewhere else (lol) and finally I will see what will happen for this next round. No more breaking my head about finding some magic numbers or strategy.

Let said that the 33/33/33 RATIO OF FRANCOIS was all the damn bad puzzle who makes me question my self so much.


I have never saw someone adding mass with this approach and when I don't know what the hell I am doing.............Hum......BRAIN TILT as usual

And finally, I was so happy last week to SAID THAT I WAS GAINING WEIGHT that..............SHIT.............CHARLIES was the culprit who did help me gain weight.

So back to the 123 numbers. I NEED TO EAT. I'm not saying that I am not eating, but for now I have too much low calories days and finally when I sum up everything at the end of the week, I'm back to A normal maintenance intake. EAT GIRL - EAT GIRL, GEEZ..... I won't add a lot of muscles if I'm not able to eat my request level EVERYDAYS. It is still a hard job when close of 2 year's you have always been cutting. I AM NOT USE TO EAT THAT MUCH

And finally, I won't bug about 2 weeks on 2 week off from the anabolic diet. At the rythm that I am eating I don't see why I'll be zigzagging my calories intakes because from now I am not regular with everything and the chance of adding FAT is probably at a low percentage.

So, I'll eat, train and will stop bugging about any specific target, except targetting the right ratio for the right times.

Enough breaking my head, because I don't have to break my head like Tom Venuto's will said.


NOW..........WHO WANTS TO FIGHT WITH ME, I am a WHITE BELT oh no - NOT TRUE, I am an uncolor belt, okay I'll color one belt PINK FOR ME. Is there a PINK COLOR INTO MARTIAL ARTS?

Okay, I'll fight with Phil, I have a better chance to Win (lol).

Phil is so pretty cute into his martial arts kimono, he is awesome. I will have to put a pic of him with it. Cute Kid with a Brain dammage Mom.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 3:26 PM EDT
Updated: Monday, October 24, 2005 3:41 PM EDT
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


IS IT ALL RELATED INTO OUR MIND? I do really think so. It is all a question of MIND over KNOWLEDGE. While knowledge is a key factor of how we will succeed in anything I think that as long the Mind is not strongly connect or is STILL INSECUR about things or fact, it will be only harder and probably longer to reach any kind of goals in life.

This morning when I woke up and take a look at my self into the miror, I said too my self Geez... I am loosing weight once again, I was looking more cut in the miror and I just told my self that there was something wrong and not working properly. How come, I am looking much more cut, am I really losing weight? which is not the main goal. So I just step on the scale to see a good reading of 125.6 pounds. Wow, I thought that there was a mistake, so once again I just step on the damn scale and imagine that I would see the usual 122 digits while I am still seeing the 125.6 pounds. So I was pretty freaking and I ran to my closet to take my 2 size pair of jeans for making sure that I was not dreaming because the miror was reflecting a picture so much more different than the damn scale and by putting my jeans I would have known if in the stomach department I was adding fat on there. No way honey, no adding fat there, the jeans fit perfetcly the same.

Wow, last year at approximatly the same weight, (127 pounds) I was wearing a size 6 to 7, no kidding and now I am still fitting into the size 2, meaning that with the same weight on scale of last year,there is such a major difference in size pants. THE DAMN SCALE............ I am just wondering WHY someone did not INVENTED A BF% SCALE ONLY which will have been much more INTELLIGENT. Maybe I should invent a scale like this from where people will only see A BF% NUMBER to gage the range of their healthy Habits. Maybe..... I'll turn rich.

SO THE MIND CONNECTION OVER MY CYCLE BULK, that is perfectly MATCHING my MIND and from where I did spend some good times reading, once again is called the ANABOLIC BURST CYCLING (abcde)ANABOLIC BURST CYCLING (ABCDE). I do admit that the articles is long to read but it is worth.

Well for my MIND CONNECTION TO THIS CYCLE BULK, this article from where you are on a 2 WEEKS BULKING CYCLE - FOLLOW - BY A 2 WEEKS CYCLING CUT is good for me and good for my mind connection and it is going to be much more easy for me to follow in regards with the calories intake. It makes a while that I was eating at BMR and under my MBR and with this strategy, it is going to be much more easy for me to adapt my self to my new calorie intake and as well tracking the 4 weeks cycles is going to tell me if this ANABOLIC BURST CYCLING will be working well for me.

I was bitching a lot the Internet recently but It as always been my best friends since the start.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 4:45 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 5:26 PM EDT
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Thursday, October 13, 2005

AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........KILL ME IF I EVER END UP MY BULKING CYCLE LOOKING LIKE THOSE HOT TRANSFORMATION OF 2000 Ok thanks to Bill Phillips for printing out the BFL program and give me the opportunity to not turn into those AWESOME BUTT

Some quick review for today so let said that I am getting more organize in my life right now and I do have time to BLOG,BLOG,BLOG, good girl here.

New goal of the week: Getting in bed around 9:30pm
Now drinking: more water

For the rest let said it is going pretty, pretty good but last night I want in bed lately because of what?............Some much more research reading as always and always and always. So anyone talking to me about TV shows and bla.bla.bla. SORRY I am way out from actuality because I simply don't watch TV because it doesn't interested me at all and my interested when I am not working, eating or cleaning the damn house is reading about fitness, for sure.

From now, I am changing a lot of things with the way I was timing my nutritional part. Of course I did always keep my carbs around my workout and for my first meal but without really considering all the real picture of those meals opportunity and RATIO of them. Well I think that they were balance but not as how they are going to be more balance for this next round and of course with my other round when I'll be cutting.

I fall last night on John Berardi articles which was great for me about the nutrition ratio timing and now I am going to pay more attention to it.

So let said that the new change for today was that:

Pre-workout meal: 15 to 30 minutes before my workout I begin to sip half of my whey Shake with malto/dextrose and oatmeal into the shake with a good ratio of 1:2

During my workout: I sip the rest of my shake

After my workout: Once again the same kind of shake once again with a 1:2 BUT NOW I am following MsFit advice and throwing some oats into my whey shake for avoiding a to big spic of insuline. As well I may be thinking getting a 1:3 ratio as per her suggestion. So some new experience here for my PWO

1 hours and Half after my PWO: I am getting a 1:1

And for the rest of my meals, I am simply staying way out from complex carbs or fruits and stick with protein/veggies/fat for my last 2 meals.

So for now everything seems going well and it seem that I do begin to be much more analytic than before. So this is the beauty of reading and studying about nutrition which never bore me at all. And there is that strange idea in my head of taking some course on nutrition to get a day a certificate for coaching people. I do really love studying everything that is related to nutrition.

My back and chest are really sore from my last training so the target was good.

I have been exhausted with my legs training, this is not at all what I was doing by the past. Those 2 exercises superset always kill me. It was strange doing some squat to the side, the hack squat with my feet elevated was great too. For my harmstring, at first look at the exercises they sound really stupid but while doing them I was feeling the burn and I am not working with any iron plate for my harmstring. It is all about static contration. Anyhow it make me feel so strange working them without plate for now, but I'll be curious to see in a couple of weeks the new workout of Francois regarding the harmstring. It is so strange all this for me, but I am doing it.

So I don't really know how sore I'll be in a day or 2. Will see..

I am on target with my supplements, good girl, I said this because I never really have been a supplements girl but I am all there and for now everything is okay. Now I just have to be super good with my water if I want to begin my creatine cycle. After reading once again about creatine, only this supplement request of a 1.8 litre of water, so I better start now to be good with that part.

Overall day's: I am more than happy.

Posted by nicofitnessreturn at 7:00 PM EDT
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